• Dryer Repair in Charlotte, NC: Why Isn’t My Dryer Working?

  • Every year, there are almost 3,000 home dryer fires. The most significant cause of a dryer fire is failing to clean it.

    On average, dryers last around 10 years. If cared for properly, though, some clothing dryers can last upwards of 25 years.

    The key is to keep up with dryer repair and maintenance. If you notice your dryer isn’t working, don’t hesitate to troubleshoot before it leads to a bigger issue.

    For dryer repair in Charlotte, NC, and to learn more about common reasons behind a clothing dryer not working, keep reading!

    Common Reasons Why Your Dryer Isn’t Working

    If you’ve been looking for washer and dryer repair near me because of issues with your dryer, you’re on the right track. Let’s take a look at some of the most common culprits behind a dryer that stops doing its job.

    The Vent

    When your dryer’s running, there should be a stream of warm air that passes through your vent’s exit. One of the main reasons for clothes not drying correctly is a blocked vent. If the vent gets full of debris, it’ll overheat and hinder the drying process.

    If your vent has mesh screening, you can try removing the mesh as it can catch lint, obstruct airflow, and prevent your clothes from thoroughly drying. Install a door that opens only when it’s running to replace the mesh. Here are some steps to fix a dryer vent issue:

    Clean the lint screen

    Remove your dryer’s vent hose and shake out any excess build-up

    Reattach the hose

    Do a high heat timed dry cycle

    Check the dryer’s exterior exhaust vent

    Feel the air from the vent (it should be hot and steady)

    The Lint Filter

    A dryer filter is the first and most important defense line against dust, hair, and lint. You must empty your dryer’s lint filter after every single load.

    Some clothing types shed more than others, but regardless of what you’re drying, you should have a habit of wiping out the filter after every load.

    Failure to clean the dryer is the leading cause of dryer fires, so forgetting to clean yours isn’t worth the risk.

    The Washing Machine

    When you’re looking for dryer repair near me, don’t forget to consider that the cause of your dryer problems could stem from your washing machine.

    Sometimes the washing machine doesn’t complete the spin cycle or it’s not draining the water properly. If that’s the case, your dryer has to work significantly harder to get your clothes dry.

    When you take your clothes out of the washer, check to see if there’s any remaining water. If your clothes are soaked and heavy, it could indicate that the problem lies with the washer.

    The Connection

    Checking the connection is obvious, but it’s the cause of dryer issues more than you might think. If your dryer stops working, check to make sure it’s connected to electrical power.

    It’s not uncommon for the power cord to get knocked loose or out of place. Make sure it’s fully plugged in. You could also check to make sure the circuit breakers are in the correct position.

    Make sure that both breakers are turned on, as there are typically two that must be on for the dryer to work.

    The Thermal Fuse

    The thermal fuse exists entirely for safety. When your dryer’s drum overheats, the thermal fuse will blow so that the rest of the dryer stops running. If the fuse has blown, it can’t be repaired.

    You’ll have to replace your thermal fuse before your dryer can run again. To find out if the thermal fuse is blown, you must test it for continuity after removing it from the dryer’s back panel.

    The Door Latch

    If the door of your dryer isn’t fully latched, it won’t start tumbling. If you’ve made sure to close the door fully, but your dryer won’t start up, you likely have a faulty dryer switch.

    The switch is located in the front panel around the door opening. To replace it, remember to unplug your dryer first and remove the exhaust hose.

    From there, disconnect the locking tabs for the dryer switch on the harness and then unscrew the screws, ensuring it doesn’t fall down into the dryer. To install a new button, line up the new part with the screw holes and re-insert them. Be sure not to tighten them too much, then reconnect the wire harness, and plug the dryer back in.

    Test it out to find out whether the latch was, in fact, the issue.

    The Motor

    If your dryer’s motor is out, your dryer won’t run. The motor controls the dryer’s blower and the tumbling. If you’ve recently heard loud humming noises or other strange noises coming from your dryer, it’s likely the motor has gone bad.

    Try other fixes, and if nothing changes, don’t hesitate to get a professional washer a dryer repair in Charlotte, NC.

    The Start Button

    If your push-to-start button isn’t functioning, your dryer won’t work. It’s the button that sends a signal to the motor to begin the drying cycle.

    Luckily, the start button is an easy part to replace. If you’re not comfortable doing your own Maytag dryer repair in Charlotte, NC, don’t hesitate to call a licensed technician to come take a look for you.

    Call for Professional Dryer Repair in Charlotte, NC

    If your dryer is on the fritz, it might be time to find the best dryer repair in Charlotte, NC. A faulty dryer can lead to dangerous fires, which is why it’s crucial to clean yours regularly and call a technician any time there’s an issue.

    Do you need Samsung dryer repair in Charlotte, NC? Are you tired of dealing with a frustrating dryer? Contact us for same-day service or with any questions or concerns you have!