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    You rely on your refrigerator to keep your food fresh, and when it’s on the fritz, it can be extremely frustrating. If you’re looking for refrigerator repair in Charlotte, look no further than SD Appliance Service. We can help you make the repairs you need fast before things get out of hand. The sooner you notice a problem with your fridge, the faster we can help you get it fixed before you need to pay for a completely new appliance.

    Our knowledgeable, skilled team of repair technicians know how to fix a variety of issues, and we’re familiar with practically every single refrigerator make and model on the market today. With our exceptional service and quality repairs, we will get your refrigerator up and running in no time. We’re also factory certified and accredited, which means we understand the many nuances that different appliances can present.

    Contact SD Appliance Service for refrigerator repair in Charlotte at the first sign of trouble. Whether your fridge is making unusual noises or it’s simply not staying as cold as it should, we can troubleshoot the issue and get it fixed right away. In some cases, it may just be an instance of low refrigerant or a possible leak. Other common problems include a malfunctioning condenser, problems with the compressor, or even a bad door seal.

    We can also address any issues you might have with your freezer so you can keep your valuable food ice cold. We understand how important a working fridge and freezer is, and that it’s an appliance you rely on every day to work the way it should. Don’t let your perishables go bad! If you need refrigerator repair in Charlotte, book an appointment today and we’ll be happy to help make it right.

    Like most modern conveniences that make up our daily lives, a refrigerator / freezer is an appliance that we use and rely on every day, When we purchase groceries that are perishables, such as meat, ice cream and frozen vegetables, it is in the refrigerator & freezer where we store them. Nobody would want to eat a steak stored in a cupboard for three weeks.

    Most refrigerator & freezer problems leave clear warning signs before the actual failure occurs. Being aware of these warning signs and calling  SD Appliance Service when you first notice the signs of trouble can help you prevent the need for more costly repairs down the road.

    SD Appliance Service is here to help call (704) 247-7314. Our technicians have seen every refrigerator & freezer repair problem that's out there and we have the tools and the knowledge to fix them all.


    We can help you with these common problems that can affect your refrigerator:


    • Capacitor
    • Compressor mounts
    • Compressor motor
    • Compressor relay
    • Condenser coils
    • Condenser fan
    • Defrost heater
    • Defrost thermostat
    • Defrost timer
    • Door seal
    • Door switch
    • Drain tube
    • Evaporator fan
    • Ice maker
    • Interlock switch
    • Leveling the refrigerator
    • Overload protector
    • Refrigerant Leak
    • Temperature control
    • Water inlet valve
    • Power cord
    • Water Filter
    • Light Bulb 


    Our commitment to excellence is our priority!


    We maintain a loyal customer base by providing exceptional service and quality repairs using only genuine parts to maintain the integrity of your appliance, all backed by our 100% customer satisfaction guarantee

    And a 1 year warranty on most parts. 

    We are factory certified and accredited.


    Guaranteed Same Day Or Next Day Service In Your Area!