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  • Oven & Stove Repair Charlotte

    Ovens are complex machines with dozens of important parts, and it's vital to have in our homes in good working order. If you need oven repair or stove repair in Charlotte, it's important for a professional to handle those repairs.

    We can repair anything from the burner unit to the temperature calibration to the power cord and more. Even if you're sure about what is wrong with your oven, leave it to the professionals to handle the problem. It's unsafe for most people to repair their own stoves and ovens, especially if they haven't been professionally trained to do so, and our technicians are well-versed in the safest repair practices. If you need oven repair in Charlotte, we're the best ones for the job. Our techs have the right tools for the job and the expertise needed to perform those repairs. There are good reasons why we have such a loyal customer base- our top-notch work, the exceptional service we offer and our amazing satisfaction guarantee. 

    Our techs know all of the major brands, allowing them to assess the problem with your oven and to see just the repairs that are needed to the unit. We are committed to excellence with our customer service, and we guarantee that you will be 100% happy with the repairs. And when you call us, we don't make you wait to get your stove repair. You can get your oven repair in Charlotte either the same day or the very next day, guaranteed. We are factory certified and accredited, and we use high-quality parts, and most come with a one-year warranty. SD Appliance Service is here to help- just call (704) 247-7314.



  • We can help you with these common problems that can affect your cooking unit:

    • Broiler element
    • Burner
    • temperature control
    • Burner element (stovetop)Clock
    • Convection fan motor
    • Power cord
    • Tripped Breaker
    • Rusted racks
    • Light bulb
    • Not Heating
    • Door latch
    • Door springs
    • Gasket (Door Seal)
    • Level the range
    • Oven element
    • Oven selector control
    • Power cord
    • Temperature calibration
    • Terminal Block
    • Thermometer bulb
    • Oven temperature control


    Our commitment to excellence is our priority!


    We maintain a loyal customer base by providing exceptional service and quality repairs using only genuine parts to maintain the integrity of your appliance, all backed by our 100% customer satisfaction guarantee

    And a 1 year warranty on most parts. 

    We are factory certified and accredited.


    Guaranteed Same Day Or Next Day Service In Your Area!