• Microwave Repair

  • Repairing a microwave can be complex. So much so that you cannot do it yourself, not unless you are well-experienced on how to do it in a safe manner. Due to lack of this experience, most people find it great to hire  SD Appliance Service . Finding the right person to correct the problem is critical.

    Whether you’re popping popcorn or warming up your coffee, you rely on your microwave for fast cooking. This handy appliance comes in many sizes and configurations ranging from countertop styles to those installed directly over your stove. If you’re in need of microwave repair in Charlotte, give the experts at SD Appliance Service a call today. There might be several reasons why your microwave is suddenly on the fritz. Some common problems include an issue with the turntable motor, electrical connection problems, broken door latches and springs, or a problem with the unit’s temperature control. No matter what the cause is, we can provide you with fast, efficient microwave repair in Charlotte.

    If your microwave is broken, don’t spend money on a new appliance. Let the experts at SD Appliance Service take a closer look so we can help you determine if your microwave can be saved. Our team has seen just about every single microwave problem out there, which is why you need our help with your microwave repair in Charlotte. If the problem can be corrected quickly, it should cost you less than purchasing a brand-new microwave. At SD Appliance Service, our commitment to excellence is always our number one priority. We offer outstanding service and quality repairs using only genuine parts. Plus, all of our work is backed by our 100% customer satisfaction guarantee along with a 1-year warranty on most parts. Call us today for guaranteed same day or next day service in your area!

    SD Appliance Service  is here to help call (704) 247-7314 Our technicians have seen every microwave repair problem that's out there and have the tools and the knowledge to fix them all.


    We can help you with these common problems that can affect your microwave: 


    • Diode
    • Temperature control
    • Clock
    • Convection fan
    • Unit getting too hot
    • Loud noises
    • Bad tastes or smells
    • Inter-lock switch
    • Capacitor
    • Door latch
    • Door springs
    • Gasket (Door Seal)
    • Turn table motor
    • Magnatron
    • Power cord
    • Defusser
    • Filter
    • Bulb
    • Transformer   


    Our commitment to excellence is our priority!

    We maintain a loyal customer base by providing exceptional service and quality repairs using only genuine parts to maintain the integrity of your appliance, all backed by our 100% customer satisfaction guarantee

    And a 1 year warranty on most parts. 

    We are factory certified and accredited.


    Guaranteed Same Day Or Next Day Service In Your Area!