• Garbage Disposal Repair

  • Garbage Disposal Repair in Charlotte

    The garbage disposal system may seem like a low tech brute of a machine to you, but its repair needs are more delicate than most people imagine. More importantly, its breakdown can mean considerable inconvenience to you as someone who relies on it every other day to shred waste before it passes harmlessly onto the plumbing system. Garbage disposal systems can suffer from a host of malfunctions, all of which require the refined skills of professionals such as SD Appliance Service.

    The garbage disposal is a simple yet useful tool that helps to make kitchen cleanup a breeze. This small appliance is located directly underneath the drain in your sink, and it includes a powerful motor that grinds up food and debris before passing it through your home’s plumbing system. If you notice that your garbage disposal isn’t working correctly, contact SD Appliance Service for reliable garbage disposal repair in Charlotte. There could be many reasons why you might need garbage disposal repair in Charlotte including a jammed disposal, a problem with the electrical connection, or even rusted blades. No matter what the issue is, our team of skilled technicians can find the problem fast and get your garbage disposal running again.

    A clogged or non-working disposal can leave a stinky mess behind. If you need a garbage disposal repair in Charlotte, contact us right away. The sooner you correct the problem, the cleaner your sink and your kitchen will be. Not all garbage disposal problems are the same. In some cases, it could be a simple jam but in other cases, the issue may be more complex. Don’t leave your broken garbage disposal to chance. Let the pros at SD Appliance Service provide you with the garbage disposal repair in Charlotte you need. We’ve seen just about every single problem there is with garbage disposals, so we’ll be able to help you find and correct the problem stat. Contact us today to schedule your repair so you can get back to enjoying your kitchen once again.   

    SD Appliance Service  is here to help call (704) 247-7314 Our technicians have seen every dishwasher repair problem that's out there and have the tools and the knowledge to fix them all.


    We can help you with these common problems that can affect your garbage disposal:


    • No power
    • Jammed
    • Leaking Water
    • Loud noise
    • Clogged 
    • Power cord
    • Tripped Breaker
    • Rusted Blade
    • Thermometer bulb
    • Dishwasher connection
    • Not turning on
    • Electrical connections
    • Switch failure
    • Stuck flywheel
    • Discharge Drainpipe
    • Faulty impeller
    • Faulty shredder ring
    • Slow draining
    • Hoses
    • Gaskets


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