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    Most people underestimate their washer and dryer until sudden failure occurs. If your dryer stops working abruptly, hanging your clothes on the line outside in these chilly Charlotte winters is not an option. For the DIY'ers it is natural to assume it is an easy job to try and repair your dryer but you might shorten the lifetime of the dryer when it was a simple fix or else it might cost you more in the future.

    You rely on your dryer to get all of your clothing, towels, and bedding dry fast. When your dryer is on the fritz, it’s important to have reliable dryer repair in Charlotte you can count on. At SD Appliance Service, we’ll address the problem quickly and get your dryer back up and running as soon as possible. Our team of experienced and skilled technicians can perform any type of dryer repair in Charlotte. Whether it’s the belt, motor sensor, or bearings, we’ve seen just about every dryer problem under the sun. The crew at SD Appliance Service knows how to troubleshoot the problem fast and then get to work so you can start using your dyer again.

    If you’re looking for dryer repair in Charlotte, contact SD Appliance Service today. We are here to help you make sure that your dryer is working as efficiently as possible. A dryer is an appliance that requires skill to repair, so it’s always best to contact the professionals if you need help. Don’t attempt to fix your dryer on your own, or you could accidentally cause more damage or void your warranty. Instead, give us a call for dryer repair in Charlotte. We will make sure that the issue is found and resolved as fast as possible. Whether it’s the cold winters or the hot summers in Charlotte, you need a working dryer to help you get back to your routine. Call us today, and we’ll be happy to help get your dryer back up running ASAP.

    SD Appliance Service is here to help call (704) 247-7314. Our technicians have seen every washer & dryer repair problem that's out there and we have the tools and the knowledge to fix them all.


    We can help you with these common problems that can affect your dryer:


    • Air Flow
    • Baffles
    • Bearings
    • Belt
    • Centrifugal switch
    • Door switch
    • Glides
    • Heating element
    • Idler pulley
    • Level the dryer
    • Lint trap
    • Moisture sensor
    • Power Cord (3 or 4 wire)
    • Safety fuse
    • Seals
    • Start switch
    • Support rollers
    • Thermostats
    • Timer motor
    • Vent
    • Temperature selector switch
    • Motor
    • Blower Wheel
    • Flame sensor
    • Gas valve coils
    • Ignitor


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    And a 1 year warranty on most parts. 

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