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  • How Frequently to Get Appliance Repair in Your Kitchen

    Home ownership is one of the pillars of the American dream, and approximately 60% of Americans have achieved it. As a homeowner, you can take great pride in maintaining your property and customizing your home to your liking. The biggest adjustment for most new homeowners is having to take care of maintenance and repairs. In previous years, you likely relied on a landlord or property management [...]

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    Top 5 Most Common Refrigerator Problems and Solutions

    Every homeowner knows that, while appliances work like a charm most of the time, they can also have their faults. If your refrigerator isn't working properly, it can sabotage all of the food that you have in it. Knowing what these common issues are can help you. If you know what the most reoccurring problems are, then you will know what to do if it ever happens to you. Luckily, most of [...]

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