Appliance Installation & Maintenance

SD Appliance Service will professionally install any home appliance and properly dispose of the old appliance for you.

Here are some quick tips that can save you some money and keep your dishwasher, refrigerator, dryer and washer working properly. SD Appliance Service offers these maintenance tips as a courtesy. We always recommend that you consult with a licensed service company before attempting any appliance maintenance.

Dishwasher Help:

To ensure that your dishwasher cleans properly, be sure to.

  • Rinse dishes first

  • Use recommended detergent

  • Clean drain trap

Poor cleaning could also be due to a mechanical problem with your dishwasher. A faulty detergent dispenser or heating element can affect cleaning results as well...

Refrigerator Help:

To ensure that your refrigerator cools properly, be sure to.

  • Clean your condenser

  • Use recommended filter

  • Check the door seal for breaks

Poor cooling could also be due to a malfunction somewhere in the sealed refrigeration system. a malfunction somewhere in the automatic defrost system could be the culprit as well...

Dryer Help:

To ensure that your dryer dries properly, be sure to.

  • Clean lint trap

  • Use recommended setting

  • Clean out the vent

Why won't my Dryer get hot. Check the vent path for kinks. If the vent path is clear, the heating element might have failed or the automatic cycle might not sense how the heating thermostats...

Washer Help:

To ensure that your clothes washer cleans properly, be sure to.

  • Balance your load

  • Use HE detergent

  • Clean the drain trap on Front Loading washer

Why won't my washing machine drain water Check the drain path for kinks. If the drain path is clear, the drain pump might have failed or the water-level pressure switch might not sense how much water is in the washer...


Very professional Installed My Dacor Wall Oven Flawlessly, Thank!


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I was very pleased with SD Appliance Service, they removed and installed my garbage disposal in a timely manor
If needed i would definitely call them again

- Nancy

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