• 7 Common Dryer Problems and What to Do About Them

  • Did you know that US consumers wash more than 660 million loads of laundry each week?

    With this high number of loads, it is no wonder that dryers need repair every so often. The last thing you want is to have a wet load of laundry transferred to the dryer just for it not to work.

    Read on to learn about common dryer problems and what you can do about them.

    1. Dryer Not Starting

    Dryer problems can occur at any time, making it hard for you to get your chores done. The most common dryer problems include the dryer not starting.

    Even if your dryer was working a day ago or just a few hours ago, it can stop working on its own time. No matter how many times you press the start button, nothing is happening.

    This can happen for a lot of reasons. The first thing you can try is restarting the dryer or checking to see if it is plugged all the way in.

    However, there are other common reasons this could be happening that aren’t as simple to fix. The door sensor could have damaged causing it not to start.

    A door sensor is part of every dryer because it tells the dryer that the door is still open. When the sensor gets broken, it will say the door is open even if it is shut tight.

    This problem is usually fixable if a professional helps out. In some cases, you may need to replace the dryer altogether.

    2. Not as Hot

    If your dryer is not working when it comes to the right amount of heat, it could take forever to dry your clothes. This is one of the common problems with a clothes dryer that can occur because of a blown fuse or heating element issue.

    Whether you have a gas dryer or an electric dryer, little heat can be a problem. For a gas dryer, check the gas supply valve.

    Almost 77% of dryers used in the home are electric. If you have an electric dryer, check the fuses.

    An electric dryer will still spin when a fuse gets blown. You can try resetting the circuit breaker to combat these clothes dryer issues. If the circuit breaker restart does not fix the heat problem, you will need a thermal fuse replacement.

    3. Odd Sounds

    It is easy to know you are having dryer problems if you hear odd noises. Squeaking and grinding sounds happen because of damage to the motor.

    Hearing these sounds is a sign that your dryer needs immediate attention. If this issue goes without repair, more serious problems can damage the dryer entirely.

    A motor issue must get fixed by a professional. The job requires taking the dryer apart to get to the motor for repair.

    4. No Noise

    A quiet dryer is a cause for suspicion. A soundless dryer usually occurs when the drum of the dryer is not turning. This means something is definitely wrong.

    This is one of the common dryer problems that happen because of the belt. The belt will wear down over time, causing the drum to stop turning.

    In this case, you should order a new belt. A professional is your best bet to help you replace the damaged belt.

    5. Stopping During the Cycle

    No, you’re not crazy—your dryer did just stop in the middle of the cycle. There are two different reasons this could occur.

    One is an electrical issue and the other is overheating. An electrical issue could be fixed by resetting the circuit breaker or plugging everything in all the way. If the dryer is not working after the reset, a professional can help diagnose the problem and get it fixed.

    If stopping during the cycle is happening because the dryer overheated, you most likely won’t need the help of the professionals. This issue is generally easier to fix.

    The first thing you should do is check the ventilation by ensuring nothing is clogging the dryer. Clear out lint and dust that could have built up. All air passages need to get cleared and lint traps should get cleaned out.

    6. Burnt Smell

    If you take your clothes out of the dryer and they are hotter than usual, your dryer is not working properly. You may also find that there is a burning smell coming from the machine and your clothes.

    Rarely, the dryer will actually catch fire, but it should be unplugged just in case. There are a lot of reasons your dryer is giving off a burning smell.

    These clothes dryer issues include:

    Broken thermostat

    Lint buildup

    Motor issue

    Damaged belt

    Dirty lint catch

    Clogged air passages

    Before plugging the dryer back in and putting it to use, call a professional for dryer repair.

    7. Loud Bangs

    A large load can commonly cause loud bangs to come from the dryer. However, if this is happening with every load, you probably have an issue with the belt.

    Clothes dryer issues that have to do with the belt will cause a banging sound because the drum spins uncontrollably when the belt starts to loosen. This does not mean the belt is broken, but it is getting there.

    Don’t let the issue persist if you want your dryer to have a longer life. A broken belt will lead to other dryer issues.

    A belt can be easily replaced but should be done right away. Call a professional to check the belt and decide what the next steps will be.

    Get Your Laundry Done: Fix Those Dryer Problems!

    These common dryer problems are telltale signs that you need to contact a professional.

    Don’t let any odd smells or noises carry on for too long or you will risk damaging your dryer further. Get these issues fixed right away!

    Your dryer should run the way it was intended to. Contact us today for same-day dryer repair in Charlotte on your home appliances.